Ksarak Arak 70cl

Ksara Estate lies in the heart of the Bekaa Valley near Baalbeck, where the ruins of the Temple of Bacchus from the Greco-Roman era can be found. It is called Ksara because it was the site of a ksar or fortress at the time of the religious military campaigns. The property was bought by the Jesuits in 1857 when it was already famed as a vineyard, and they maintained the tradition of winemaking on the estate. Climatic conditions in the Bekaa provide Ksara's vineyards with exceptional advantages. There is almost no rainfall during the growing season and diseases seldom strike the vines. Their grapes can be deemed to be grown organically because pesticides and herbicides are not used. Harvesting is done by hand, but there is no need for selection because the grapes achieve full ripeness without fear of rot. Ch√Ęteau Ksara is the largest producer in the Lebanon with 334 hectares and 38% of the local production. Arak Spirit is considerably more popular than wine in the Lebanon and tastes similar to Ouzo or Pernod . Fruit : The grapes are fermented then distilled. Aniseed from Mount Hermon's Al Heeneh area is also used. Region : Lebanon / Bekaa Valley Notes : This spirits has a delicate scent and flavour of prime aniseed. Serve : On its own with ice and water, or neat to accompany an Oriental mezze. ABV : 53% Suitable for Vegetarians

  • Model: A-KSAR004
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Manufactured by: Ksarak

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