The International Food and Drink Event  - 20th March at The Excel Arena

Amongst all the differing stands set up by various international companies at The International Food and Drink Event at the Excel ArenaLebanos Food set up shop in order to promote its new range of products to the attendants of this fine event in the heart of East London. 

Companies offered a broad range of products ranging from the wacky to the wonderful. Lebanos Food's main agenda was to endorse its assortment of alcoholic beverages and selection of foods imported from Lebanon and the Middle East. Lebanese Brew was an instant hit with the crowds. Labelled as "a brave new beer", Lebanese Brew lived up to its name as it had people returning to sample it numerous times, complementing its refreshing yet not harsh taste. 

In addition to Lebanese Brew, Lebanos was promoting its diverse range of wines, with many hailing from Lebanon's famous Bekaa Valley. From Chateau Nakad to Massaya to Coteaux du Liban to Chateau Ksara to Chateau Musar to Domaine Des Tourelles..., many who were not familiar with Lebanon's wine repertoire were pleasantly surprised as they had their taste buds treated to these delicate tastes as well as the Araq the special Lebanese drink. 

The range of different foods Lebanos has to offer was also on show as it has at its disposal a wide of range of foods imported predominantly from Lebanon and other countries around the world. Yaman's tahineh and a varied selection of Gardenia's product, Chtaura conserves, Mawasemna, Krilita Nuts, Najjar Coffee, Abido Spices and many others were all extremely popular around the event, with many posing the question of where they can purchase these products and of course our answer was Lebanos.  Such was the reception of Lebanos Food's products at the event, we have decided to reappear at the event in two years time at the The International Food and Drink Event 2015, with the hope of inspiring more people to enjoy the vibrant tastes of Lebanese food and drink.

The Lebanese Festival Day 2013 - 30th June at Paddington Green Gardens

The Lebanese Festival Day in London (30th June 2013) was a great opportunity for Lebanos to showcase the fabulous range of products that the company has to offer. Lebanos set up a stall on Paddington Green amongst the rows of others selling Lebanese products.

Customers flocked around the stall in order to view, sample and purchase the products that Lebanos had on offer, while enjoying the live entertainment from the main stage. It was a successful day for the company as our wine products, including: Chateaux Ksara, Ixir, Coteaux du Liban, Domaines Des Tourelles, Massaya, Wine Nakad and Chateaux Kifraya were extremely popular with people at the festival.

The greatest success of the day was however our main beer product,"Lebanese Brew" or "LB". Many people had not heard of this "brave new beer" (as it has been nicknamed) but it received great critical acclaim from all who sampled it. It is made out of the finest barley and is refreshingly tasty when served cold. In addition to our beverages people greatly enjoyed the many food products that we had on offer, such as: goat cheese in oil, halawa, makdous and many others. See the list of our products for a more comprehensive view of what the company has on offer.

The festival, the first of hopefully many to come, was a day where the best Lebanese produce in the UK was put on show and our "Lebanese Brew" was definitely one of the stars of the show. We highly recommend you try it!